ECC 2024 Recruiting combine on 5/24

Clubs / Teams

The East Coast Championship is a 3-day event, held in Pittsburgh over Memorial Day weekend each year.  2024 is our 42nd annual event, we are excited to share this monumental anniversary with each team, club, and their families.  All teams must be registered on AES, paid in full and meet the hotel requirements before the deadline to be accepted into the tournament. Please note that divisions will fill prior to the deadline date.  Details on specific:

Important Note

“This event is a stay-to-play tournament. Due to the high demand for hotel rooms and limited availability, EM2 Housing has made arrangements for additional hotel options to still qualify for the stay-to-play requirements. Check out 2022 Northeast Qualifier3-14O/U,15O/U16O/U/L,17U/A – Lucid Travel to view additional city-wide discounts and book your hotel room for this stay-to-play tournament; please enter your club and team name in the custom fields to receive team credit.”