ECC 2024 Recruiting combine on 5/24

Event Information

Welcome to the annual East Coast Girls Junior Volleyball Championships!

The entire tournament is being held under one roof at the David Lawrence Convention Center, on a total of 54 courts. Read on for detailed information on the tournament rules and format.


Warmup Balls

The ECC will provide warmup balls on all courts for the event.  Coaches can leave their warmup balls behind.  In fact, no outside balls or carts will be allowed inside the convention center.

Match Protocol

In each round of pool play, unless otherwise noted, every match consists of best two of three rally scoring games to 25 points (no cap) against each pool opponent, with 15 point rally-scoring

third set (no cap), if necessary. (Scheduled 3-team pools will either play three 25-point games, OR best two of three games, followed by cross-pool playoff matches). Timed warm-ups of 2 minutes of shared court, 4 minutes for serving team, 4 minutes for receiving team will be used for the first matches of each wave. Thereafter, 3 and 3 minutes separately will be assured. THERE WILL BE NO SHARED HITTING.

In Monday’s divisional playoff brackets, all matches will be best two of three rally-scoring sets to 25 points. The third set, if necessary, will be rally scoring to 15 points.

After Initial matches in pool play (8:00/8:15 am in AM Wave, and 2:30/2:45 pm in PM Wave), teams should be ready to play “ASAP”. “ASAP” matches may start within ten minutes of conclusion of previous match. On Monday, teams should be ready to play on or before the scheduled match time, if possible. If playing teams, work team, and official(s) are ready, these matches may start early. The Championship Committee reserves the right to move matches with respect to court and time to expedite the competition.

Tournament Format

Each age/division has a tournament “flow chart”, providing an overview of each specific format.The Flow Chart shows how teams advance in each specific age/division, and illustrates any special playing rules. With the online AES Tournament Schedule, you will find it very easy to determine when and where your team plays and works. Each Division has been assigned to either the AM Wave, starting at 8:00am, or the PM Wave, starting at 2:30pm on the first two days of competition. This format will allow the players, coaches, chaperones and parents to take advantage of other opportunities during the ‘off-time’ on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, all teams will compete in one or more matches in bracket playoffs. Final matches are scheduled to begin at 2:00pm Monday.

Important Note

“This event is a stay-to-play tournament. Due to the high demand for hotel rooms and limited availability, EM2 Housing has made arrangements for additional hotel options to still qualify for the stay-to-play requirements. Check out 2022 Northeast Qualifier3-14O/U,15O/U16O/U/L,17U/A – Lucid Travel to view additional city-wide discounts and book your hotel room for this stay-to-play tournament; please enter your club and team name in the custom fields to receive team credit.”

Officiating Procedures (Work Teams)

Certified Officials (“Up” Referee) will be assigned for all matches. Officiating (work) teams are designated for all matches on the schedule. Each work team will provide five officials (2 teams of four are required for 5 team pools playing on two courts) from the rostered players and/or adults when required to work: a second referee (rostered adult), a competent scorekeeper, a scoring assistant/libero tracker, and two line judges. All of Monday’s initial Playoff Bracket matches will have assigned work teams who are scheduled to play the next match on the same court. After the initial bracket matches, losers of each match remain to work the next match on their court, which is scheduled to start immediately after the previous match, and may not come from the same playoff bracket. Teams that appear late* to officiate could be penalized in their next match – one point per minute – if any of the five officials, including the coach/adult, is not available, to a limit of 25 points. If your team loses a playoff bracket match on Monday, do not leave until you have checked with Championship Desk personnel regarding your work assignment. *Late Work Team is defined as a complete work team not being on the court by the start of the receiving team’s warm-up period.

Tie-Breaking Procedures

Two-way Ties:

If teams are tied in match record, use head-to-head match results to break the tie.

Three (or more)-way Ties*:

See attached “Procedure for Breaking Ties to Determine Pool Finish”, which was adopted from 2020-21 Girls National Qualifier rules. In almost all Tie-Break situations, Pool Results will be determined without additional playoff sets.

Pool Play Results

We strongly recommend that coaches and parents check the OFFICIAL SCHEDULE/LIVE RESULTS on their phones, using the AES Event Schedules & Results web site. If coaches have any questions regarding the schedule, they can consult with the staff at the Championship Desk. LIVE results, OFFICIAL play schedules, and Flow Charts will be posted at Advanced Event Systems. Please be sure to check your WORK schedule as well as PLAY schedule.


Individual awards will be presented to First and Second Place teams in each playoff bracket. In Gold Brackets, first-place, second-place and both third-place teams will receive individual awards. A team representative should come to the designated area to receive the team’s awards.

Important Notices

Chairs are provided around each court for all players, coaches and spectators. Please do NOT bring your own chairs.


Coolers will NOT be allowed into the Convention Center. Food and Drinks will NOT be allowed inside the exhibition halls or ballroom, but may be consumed at tables set up in the concourse area just outside Hall B. Food and Drinks will also be sold at the DLCC throughout all three days, located in the same area outside Hall B.


Good Luck to all participants! We hope you enjoy the competition and everything the Event has to offer.